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"Integrated care is the new thing. It's the future," Huberlie said. "It has to be. It doesn't make sense to have these different silos."

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The $500,000 a year will pay to hire a nurse practitioner to see people who are suffering from severe mental health problems and are already receiving treatment at Community Council. A primary care physician will oversee the entire program while a nurse supervisor will work to coordinate patient care and direct them to other therapies Community Council and the program's community partners have for other issues, such as

The grant will also pay for that liaison in Nashua, Scott Brennan, to work for the court full time. He will be able to help establish the program in Manchester and work with defendants suffering from mental illness in district courts in Milford and Manchester, Stearns said.

The hope is that data generated during the grant will show the savings the program brings Balenciaga Classic Pouch Clutch

The grant will Balenciaga Handbags Neiman Marcus

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´╗┐Mental health center gets money to integrate primary care

The program is scheduled to start in February, Huberlie said, and until then Community Council will be trying to iron out partnership agreements with health care providers around the state, including Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, Nashua Area Health Center and the Balenciaga Bag Blue Lamprey Health Care in Newmarket.

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A 24 month, $200,000 Bureau of Justice Assistance grant was awarded to the center, through Hillsborough County, to expand the Community Connections Mental Health Court Project into Manchester District Court. Community Council will work with the Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester on the project, according to Susan Stearns, Community Council's director of development.

These days it might almost seem the doctors and therapists are almost rolling in money at the Greater Nashua Mental Health Center at Community Council. They aren't, but this month the center received two grants to expand homeless prevention and mental health programs and a third, multimillion dollar grant to become one of 13 sites in the country trying to integrate physical health care into a behavioral health setting.

The program is an experiment of sorts, according to Mara Huberlie, who works in Community Council's development office. While the integration of behavioral and physical health care is seen as the future, most past efforts have tried to move behavioral health into a primary care setting.

"This is a public health problem we need to address," Hafez said. "We need to monitor their mental health and physical health together because ultimately that's what recovery is."

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"Physical health problems among people with serious mental illnesses impact their quality of life and contribute to disproportionate premature deaths," said Eric Broderick, acting administrator of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. "These community programs will help address disparities in treatment by providing more people in need with better access to screening and care management, including wellness programs, encouraging more physical activity, better nutrition, smoking cessation and help with medications."

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The court is a diversion program that allows people who suffer from mental illness to avoid jail time if their illness directly led to their infractions. In return, defendants are required to stay out of further trouble and stick to a counseling and rehabilitation program. The hope is that the opportunity to get better, as opposed to going to jail or prison, will break the cycle of petty crime, jail, release and more petty crime. It is a cycle that costs taxpayers untold thousands of dollars a year.

The largest grant, $2 million over four years from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, will allow Community Council to staff a fully equipped exam room at its 7 Prospect St. facility and establish partnerships with primary care clinics and health centers in the area.

Stearns said mental illness is one of many risk factors for homelessness, and once people become homeless, the majority of them become involved in the criminal justice system Balenciaga City Mini Bag

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The grant is part of almost $26 million given to fund similar programs in Kentucky, Colorado, California, Ohio, Connecticut, New Jersey, Arizona, Illinois, New York and Oklahoma, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Sufferers of mental illness are at risk for a number of health conditions including obesity, substance abuse, diabetes and smoking, which reduces their life expectancy by about 30 years, Hafez said. Their mental illness also often makes those conditions worse in sufferers, Hafez said, because they are less likely to see a primary care physician or be effective participants in their own health care.

substance abuse, Huberlie said. The idea is for data from all 13 sites to be aggregated and studied to determine if integrating physical health care into a behavioral health setting works more effectively than the reverse. At the same time, best practices will be established in case it is more effective, Huberlie said.

to the Hillsborough County House of Corrections and that county leaders will continue funding the program, countywide, once the grant expires, Stearns said.

The other grants Community Council received are smaller and will expand existing programs.

pay for a court liaison, who will work with police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, defendants and mental health experts to help design counseling regimens that, if followed, allow nonviolent offenders to avoid jail time.

"This is really exciting for us," Dr. Hisham Hafez, Community Council's executive director and chief medical officer, said. "This is something we're very proud of and I think Nashua should be proud."

within a year.

The third grant, for $200,000 over three years, will expand Community Council's Place to Live program, that subsidizes rent and utility payments for mental illness sufferers who are on a waiting list for Section 8 housing, Stearns said. The stimulus money is being distributed through HUD's Homelessness Prevention Program, she said.

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