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In an internal email sent to all WMATA employees and obtained by ABC 7, violators are warned that if cops spot Metro gear on the dash of an illegally parked car, officers will run the plates, identify the Balenciaga Giant 12 Golden City Bag Dark Gray

ABC7: "You're supposed to pay for parking."

Metro employee: back to work to have to ask those questions of Metro media relations. he isn the only one breaking the rules to cheat the system. Back in February, we exposed this lot at the Anacostia station, being used almost exclusively by Metro employees who weren paying to park. The Transit Police have cracked down on this since.

Balenciaga City Bag Large

However, when we checked parking lots at 23 other metro stations in Maryland, Virginia, and the District, 19 had the tell tale signs of WMATA cheaters: reflective vests on the dash, plenty of placards, a Metro baseball cap, and Balenciaga City Bag Large even a hard hat. And at each spot, there was an expired meter. Police officers and their meters weren paid either.

´╗┐Metro employees violate WMATA parking policy at 19 different stations

Balenciaga City Bag Large

employee, and notify their supervisor follow up action that may include discipline as warranted."

Balenciaga City Bag Large

ABC7: "You didn't pay for parking."

Balenciaga City Bag Large

Balenciaga City Bag Large

According to Metro Transit Police Deputy Chief Kevin Gaddis:

At Minnesota Avenue, this Metro employee skipped the meters and parked Guess Red Bag

Officer: "Maybe I am."

Balenciaga City Bag Large

Balenciaga City Bag Large

pay for parking, no one is entitled to free parking. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we've changed our policy a bit."

At the New Carrollton garage, these cars all have Transit Police patches or signs on the dash, but not a single one had a valid meter.

Officer: "Please stop filming my vehicle."

This is the email in its entirety, sent by MTPD Chief of Police, Ronald A. Effective immediately, vehicles observed in violation will be ticketed and license plate information will be processed with vehicle owner information forwarded to appropriate division management for follow up action that may include discipline as warranted. Please park only in designated areas and remember to pay at locations where required.

just feet from where buses pick up riders. A Metro vest is on the dash and it is parked within sight of a Transit Police cruiser but the driver does not get a ticket.

A few minutes later, the officer moved his car.

Balenciaga City Bag Large

employees are required to Bottega Veneta Card Holder

ABC7: makes you different than any of the riders?

Balenciaga City Bag Large

Officer: "I did not, I did not."

Balenciaga City Bag Large

Balenciaga City Bag Large

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