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His first employment opportunity in New Hampshire was making cold calls for Aflac. Following that job, he took his current salesman position at Life Solutions Group in Massachusetts.

NX2U, or next to you, is an app tool that connects people with similar interests as they pass by the street, wait in line at the grocery store or share an elevator.

For people working the daily grind to make ends meet, the thought of multimillion dollar salaries earned by celebrities Tom Brady, Brad Pitt or Adele may seem like a slap in the face.

Balenciaga City Bag Neiman Marcus

or Paula Deen ($16.5 million).

Balenciaga City Bag Neiman Marcus

For the past several months, Banks has been spending his spare time talking to venture capitalists throughout New England about his idea Balenciaga Giant 12 Rose Gold City Black

Balenciaga City Bag Neiman Marcus

Actress Anne Hathaway earns about $10 million a year at the age of 30, Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas took home about $10 million at just 17 and singer Justin Bieber earns about $55 million a year, according to PARADE's website.

for a new mobile app that connects people with similar interests face to face with real time encounters.

When comparing his $35,000 annual salary to that earned by singer Adele about $32 million at the age of 24 Banks said it is stories like hers that make him want to succeed even more.

Balenciaga City Bag Neiman Marcus

Banks' idea may be his ticket to a better life for his family, or at least offer him better opportunities in the future, he said.

But joy is in the eye of the beholder, according to Banks, who says people have to make their own happiness by going after what really inspires them.

Balenciaga City Bag Neiman Marcus

Balenciaga City Bag Neiman Marcus

But for one local man trying to make a living the best way he knows how, those hefty earnings by Hollywood celebrities often flashed on the front of tabloids have become a motivation rather than a deterrent.

Balenciaga City Bag Neiman Marcus

Mike Banks of Merrimack, a 39 year old insurance salesman who earns $35,000 a year, is proud of his work ethic. He is the only New Hampshire resident to be featured in this week's PARADE magazine's What People Earn edition.

"If we keep down this path, it will change our life.

´╗┐Merrimack's Mike Banks chasing his dream

Balenciaga City Bag Neiman Marcus

"Obviously, my job doesn't pay all that well. We just scrape by, and we definitely aren't driving a BMW," said Banks. "I guess if I made a million dollars, I would probably be a little happier."

Balenciaga City Bag Neiman Marcus

About three years ago, Banks graduated from college and moved from Michigan to New Hampshire, searching for a better opportunity for his wife and son, now 7.

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"While they might seem overpaid, they followed their dreams and overcame their own obstacles. The sky is the limit for anyone who is brave enough to go after what they really want to do," said Banks.

All of these people followed their passion, said Banks, who doesn't mind having his salary posted alongside the annual earnings of Brady ($23 million), Channing Tatum ($15 million) Balenciaga Mini City Black

Banks, who has a degree in marketing, decided to join forces with his creative and artistic wife, Jenya, to pursue a new career path.

"But that is only to pay the bills," says Banks. "My heart has always been aimed at having my own business and doing my own thing. So, if we can't find the ideal jobs, we decided to create them."

"It has been a struggle," says Banks. "We quit the jobs we had, and we walked away from jobs that we couldn't stand any longer."

Balenciaga City Bag Neiman Marcus

"Adele was told that because of her looks or because her voice was too scratchy that she might not make it, but she didn't listen to any of them. She persevered anyway," said Banks. "We are trying very hard to be stubborn Balenciaga City Bag Neiman Marcus and pig headed like she was. We have no Plan B."

Hypnotic Rhythm LLC is now building a simple mobile app for the Banks family that instantly connects neighbors, employees and service providers with similar interests. While digital connections are beneficial, the Banks say they shouldn't replace face to face communication.

Balenciaga City Bag Neiman Marcus

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