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"The parking has kind of lightened up on our street a little bit. It's not perfect by any means, because they can't always be here," he said.

"As the system is set up right now, in fact, nobody actually approves these clinics. It simply becomes the decision of a particular physician or physicians to practice in this work," he said.

"We desperately need methadone clinics because, from my knowledge, we have at least 500 people getting methadone from our two Kitchener clinics, and that's 500 of an estimated, I think about 30,000 people across Ontario who need methadone to fight addiction."

Even with the improvements, he still takes issue with the presence of the clinic.

there is currently nothing in the system that ensures even the provincial government is aware of a new clinic.

Balenciaga City Silver Hardware

Balenciaga City Silver Hardware

"The clinic is very willing to have an open house. An educational sort of show and tell with one of their doctors and some nurses explaining the kind of challenges they have and the fact that they do want to be respectful partners in the neighbourhood," he said.

Balenciaga City Silver Hardware

Reeve couldn't speak to the level of nuisance behaviour in the neighbourhood, citing a busy work schedule over the last two weeks, but noted that security in front of the clinic may only shift patients, rather than solve the problem.

Balenciaga City Silver Hardware

seen some improvement since he and several other residents addressed councillors on Sept. 12, but has yet to hear any feedback from the clinic or councillors, despite leaving his contact information with them.

The councillor also noted that the city has stepped up bylaw enforcement after area residents complained of illegal parking, littering and nuisance behaviour such as public urination.

Reeve also noted that once the media attention is gone, the improvements might go with it.

"They have hired two security guards; they have demonstrated that they're willing to basically ensure zero tolerance for poor behaviour with, I believe it's two strikes and you're out of the program."

The King Street location, which is Kitchener's second clinic of this kind, opened in early September without any notification to the city, area residents or businesses.

Jesse Reeve, a Sheldon Avenue homeowner, has Balenciaga City Black

"I think the presence has created some success in the fact that they're not parking on the opposite side of the street from our house, which is where you're not allowed to park at all."

This left the city "ill prepared to adequately deal with a smooth integration of the clinic into a community through education, site planning and issue mitigation," according to the motion.

A new methadone clinic on King Street has taken steps to address resident concerns, according to Ward 10 Coun. Dan Glenn Graham.

´╗┐Methadone clinic reacts to complaints

"We really don't know what to do. We're first time homebuyers. We bought this house with the anticipation that five years down the road we could sell it, make a bit of money and buy something more suited to a family kind of thing in a suburban neighbourhood," he said.

"I don't want people to think I'm against methadone clinics," said Ward 9 Coun. Frank Etherington, who took the lead on writing the motion.

Balenciaga City Silver Hardware

Balenciaga City Silver Hardware

Balenciaga City Silver Hardware

"If we can't even sell it for what we bought it Bottega Veneta Pouch

Balenciaga City Silver Hardware

"We live here, we have to deal with this long term, and that's our fear. Right now it seems better because it's in the paper, they're talking about it on the news and the radio, but what happens three months down the road when it's not at the top of everybody's mind and we still have to live here?"

According to Ward 2 Coun. Berry Vrbanovic, Bottega Veneta Zip Wallet

Methadone is used to treat addiction to both illegal and prescription opiates like heroin, oxycodone and morphine.

Balenciaga City Silver Hardware

for, which I feel is the situation we're faced with now, we really have no alternative but to live in this neighbourhood."

"Our major concern, that I don't know will ever be addressed, is we really do feel that we're going to have a significant drop in our property value.

Glenn Graham said he was not expecting many changes from Balenciaga City Silver Hardware the provincial government, but hoped that developing a working relationship with the owners of this clinic, who own several across the province, could result in a future "courtesy heads up" that would allow for better preparation and education of residents.

Balenciaga City Silver Hardware

"I had the privilege of meeting with the manager today with bylaw. To the credit of the clinic, they have now reactively taken this seriously," he told council Monday night.

Balenciaga City Silver Hardware

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