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But they also had stories about the kind and generous people from a Cancun Church of Christ who took Kendra in, acted as her translator and protector, and who were with her nearly every minute of the four days Val was incarcerated.

Kendra Durrington was befriended by a young Balenciaga Part Time Yellow

being released is all from God, Kendra said as she teared up. was being held with no bail, and then he was released and the charges were dropped. attorney took them to the house where Kendra had been staying so Val could shower. the next morning, they took Mario out to eat, then Mario took them to the beach.

think he wanted us to breathe and to enjoy the best part of Cancun, Val Durrington said.

He was first taken to an airport security office, and then to a federal jail, where he stayed two days. He was then transferred to a state jail, where he also stayed two days.

was out there literally doing back alley deals, I can imagine what she endured, her husband said.

man named Mario who preached at the church. He had ties to the United States, having played soccer at Harding University in Arkansas.

case. She made arrangements with First Financial Bank to be able to get all the money she needed from ATMs around the city. Consulate, which she said didn help any.

As the couple were going through security at the Cancun airport for the trip back to Texas, airport security found a handgun in a pocket of Val suitcase.

Balenciaga Graffiti City

The tale began as the couple traveled from Abilene to Mexico on Oct. 24 to celebrate Val 40th birthday. His 40th birthday was actually in 2009, but he stays so busy working a number of jobs that the vacation kept being pushed back on the calendar.

was terrified from all the stories I heard, Durrington said, adding that he was feeling more depressed than any other emotion.

Balenciaga Graffiti City

Balenciaga Graffiti City

And then, after four long, terrifying days, it was over.

Somehow through all of this, Durrington kept his sense of humor.

Balenciaga Graffiti City

Durrington said it was just a big waiting game for him as Kendra worked on the outside to get him released.

As seven, or eight, or possibly nine, officers were taking him from the airport to jail, they came upon the small car they would use for the trip. Durrington said he told them, don you all get into the car and I wait right here.

know it is the natural assumption that I wouldn want to go back, he said. won go back as a tourist. I love to go back (to) hug the neck of those people who helped us. I get all choked up thinking Guess Crossbody Bags Ebay

Instead of coming home to Abilene with wonderful stories of the clear water, beautiful beaches and great food, the couple told troubling stories of how Val was arrested, the horrid conditions in Mexican jails and how corrupt the legal system is in Mexico.

Drugs were openly sold, and inmates ran businesses offering everything from ice cream to protection to other inmates. In the next cell block, gang members were partying and celebrating some holiday.

Balenciaga Graffiti City

told him all I had was $300, and he took it, Kendra Durrington said.

about it. said Mario hurt his knee and couldn finish college in the United States.

Balenciaga Graffiti City

one told me I was arrested, nor if I had any rights, he said. didn speak to a translator until I got to the federal jail. the federal jail, Durrington was in solitary confinement. When he was transferred to the state jail, he was placed in a cell block with the jail general population. He didn celebrate his 41st birthday in any way while in jail.

Durrington explained that he had lost the gun months before in a move. He figured the gun would show up sometime, just not in his suitcase in Mexico.

In the meantime, Kendra Durrington was looking for help. She called friends in Abilene, and they directed her to the folks from the Church of Christ. She found an attorney who requested $600 to take the Bottega Veneta Cabat Large Size

When asked if he go back to Mexico, Durrington smiled for a moment before answering.

A $500 bribe got him moved into a better eight man cell, where he was a bit more protected from the violence of the cell block. He described the cell as clean. the cell, his job was to sweep the floor and take out the trash. Taking the trash out meant he had to go outside, and at first he was afraid he be vulnerable to attack or even to be held for some sort of ransom. Durrington decided it would be better for him to act like he wasn scared.

Balenciaga Graffiti City

´╗┐Mexico vacation turned nightmare after Abilene man arrested

have a real sour taste in our mouth from dealing with the American consulate, Kendra Durrington said. told us it would take eight or nine months to get Val out of jail with a good attorney. They told us we were making a huge mistake to Balenciaga Graffiti City use the attorney we had. his wife worked to get him released from jail, Val Durrington said he was seeing and hearing the worst of the terrible jail conditions he could imagine.

The bribes, the $600 attorney, the prayers, the work and the worrying all came to fruition, and Val Durrington was released from jail. Almost. One last bribe had to be met when a Mexican official demanded $4,000 to release Durrington.

Balenciaga Graffiti City

Mario took Kendra to his friends house, where she found shelter and allies in the fight to get Val out of jail.

Balenciaga Graffiti City

Balenciaga Graffiti City

The next morning, Durrington said he was more nervous than he had been in jail as they were preparing to fly out of Cancun.

love to help him finish his education, he said. the church meets in a hotel. I love to help them have their own building. added, we left, I asked Mario, do you hide your wings?

Balenciaga Graffiti City

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