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"As Christians, we want to raise our children in the fear of God and raise them up to have moral fiber," said Willard Martin, on the way to his job building mini barns.

"Many of the people feel education is not an end in and of itself," said Hurst, who became a teacher with little additional training at the age of 18. "While it's nice to have an education, our main goal in life is to be servants and serve Christ."

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"They start to get smarter than God, if you know what I mean," said Good, who stopped going to school after the 10th grade.

She home schools her children in a beautiful log home where a completed jigsaw puzzle of a Norman Rockwell painting hangs on the dining room wall. Her days are filled with reading lessons, hungry babies, Bible teachings and children's card games.

They work on fractions and study everything from victory gardens to emperor penguins. The overriding emphasis is on morality Bottega Veneta Zip-around Coin Purse Wallet

"I'm happy being a mother," she said after a lunch of leftovers and peaches she canned herself. "That's what I feel is my calling."

"The whole reason we're going to live the way we do and do the things we do is that there is nothing more important to us than following Christ and believing in living out the Bible and taking it literally," said Tim Hurst, a 24 year old teacher at the community's Christian school. "If the Bible says it, we're going to believe it, and not only believe it but we're going to do it."

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They had two children then. Now they have eight. And while some Mennonite couples use limited forms of birth control, Good said they allowed God to determine the size of their family.

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Parents drive here in pickups and minivans. for a day that begins with songs about submission to God and Bible verses recited from memory.

Balenciaga Tote Ikea

"That would be our goal and our teaching," she said. "If you teach your children what's right and it makes sense to them, they stick with it."

She speaks bluntly and with a hard Ohio meets Pennsylvania accent that has survived nine years in California. She and her husband, Bruce, came here to help outsiders understand their lifestyle and beliefs.

The youngest student is 6 and the oldest is 14. The older kids don't go to school, instead finding jobs or helping their mothers run the household.

When the children grow up, they will choose whether to remain in a Mennonite community. Good won't force them but is confident they'll lead the same kind of life she does.

Balenciaga Tote Ikea

They lead simple lives that revolve around jobs in construction, huge families and, most of all, a desire to share their belief they are living as God intended. They say other churches teach Scripture but don't Guess Iphone 8 Plus Case

"I like it because divorce is not one bit of an option. I can trust the faithfulness of my husband," she said of her lifestyle. "I like it because as a woman, I'm commanded to submit to my husband, which is great because it takes the pressure off me. To me, the basic formula for happiness is here as a result of Balenciaga Mini Bag Sale

The two room school is in a converted garage attached to the Mennonites' church. It sits atop a steep hill, one turn beyond a tree in the middle of the road.

The stares and questions are aimed at many things: Long, homemade dresses without a whisper of a neckline, white head coverings concealing hair that has never been shorn and prohibitions on television, radio, military service and voting.

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Some of the Mennonites have Internet connections they describe as work tools that allow them to keep up with others in the construction industry. Their computers are loaded with software filters to screen out negative influences.

College isn't taboo but is viewed as potentially dangerous. Mennonites talk of how higher education exposes people to philosophies that may contradict the Bible.

When the phone rings, it sometimes goes unanswered, as Good checks caller ID to stave off telemarketers. Technology isn't taboo. Her children use math DVDs as part of their home schooling.

"Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow," reads a bulletin board quote from Abraham Lincoln. "The shadow is what we think of it. The tree is the real thing."

and virtue.

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Balenciaga Tote Ikea

Balenciaga Tote Ikea

Hurst's story is common. He went to a school in Pennsylvania that offered education through the 10th grade. Upon finishing at age 16, he started working full time as a truck farmer.

"They really don't even know Balenciaga Tote Ikea what Mickey Mouse is," she said. They're opposed to war and won't join the military.

The boys wear plain shirts and blue jeans. The girls are in homemade dresses of muted colors. One of the older girls wears a head covering. The others wear braided ponytails or pigtails that reach far down their backs.

Balenciaga Tote Ikea

They worry about the outside world infiltrating their lives. Good has never watched a television show from start to finish, nor have her children.

"They look at us and say, bondage you're in,'" said Fonda Good, who for nine years has lived in a Mennonite community off Interstate 5, between Valencia and Bakersfield. She is 33, has eight children and virtually everything her family does from a song about Jesus before lunch to the carefully built moat that separates them from mainstream society is dictated by their word for word interpretation of the Bible.

following the teachings of the Bible."

About a dozen Mennonite families are spread throughout Lebec, an unincorporated community that prides itself on fishing, hunting and the snows that come every winter. Many of the Mennonites came to these hills and valleys just outside Ventura County from Ohio and Pennsylvania, following a pastor who settled here a decade ago.

use the lessons as a how to guide that covers every aspect of life.

´╗┐Mennonite community lives quietly at county

Balenciaga Tote Ikea

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