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a difference between Chrome 27 (WebKit) and Opera Next (Blink = Chrome 28), but if that's the only reason for the browser's weaker showing, then the future of Chrome doesn't look too good. What's your take on this?

2) Memory usage is indeed high (as seen in the benchmark above)

I have both and start up times for IE are quick but page load times are horrendously slow, whereas FF has slow start up times but superfast page load times. It's possible that add ons are contributing to that.

Having move back to Firefox a couple years ago after Chrome, I don't intend to use Chrome (or any other browser) regularly anymore. I still give Chrome 2 3 tries a week (just to compare things) but Chrome isn't better than FF in 3 things:

Bottega Veneta Mens Clutch

has issues I switch to IE 10, usually this is all I need to do but once in a while IE has problems with a page and I just move on to something else. At work I'm stuck Bottega Veneta Shoulder Bag Sale

Bottega Veneta Mens Clutch

Still, this test shows us once more, that no modern browser I exclude Opera from this, since it isn't a maintained release anymore must absolutely be replaced by the winner of such tests. If you don't mind performance weaknesses of the Internet Explorer in certain areas, or if your most accessed websites don't require you to use a certain alternative, then even Microsoft's browser of choice can be okay for daily use (if only as an engine in products like Avant, Maxthon, etc).

I never noticed any startup time difference for both FF and Chrome; it's possible they're both fast enough that it doesn't even matter at this point. I also like the FF toolbars better although that's really more of a personal preference. I've never tried maxthon though; heard it's pretty good.

´╗┐Memory Efficiency

Interesting test. I haven't heard of Opera Next, but now I'll definitely be keeping my eye on it. I use Google Chrome and have noticed it's slower loading speed (both to open Chrome and a webpage) the past update, and judging by the test results, the changes are significant.

Bottega Veneta Mens Clutch

Bottega Veneta Mens Clutch

1) Bottega Veneta Mens Clutch Pages load noticeably slower

The one thing I'm a bit curious about: why does Opera Next suddenly behave so differently from Chrome? Yes, there's Bottega Veneta Crossbody Bag Replica

Can I make a request for your next test? Try comparing SSDs and HDDs in some of the tests, especially cold boot. They are becoming more and more popular, and at least with some of these tests, I imagine they do have a significant impact on performance.

The championship ineligible Opera Next gets closer to its original single tab total than any other browser at a difference of just 65 MB. As you might expect, Chrome is close behind with a difference of 76 MB. Firefox 22, though it uses the least amount of memory under load, retains 165 MB more than before the 39 additional tabs were opened, placing third. Surprisingly, IE10 places fourth. Chrome's about:memory page is clearly much better at tallying Internet Explorer's multiple processes than Windows Task Manager. Opera 12 again winds up in last place, retaining nearly an entire gigabyte.

using IE10. The speed of a browser can also be affected by other factors like the speed of your connection, how many devices are on your network, what tasks your doing on the computer at the same time like gaming, downloading, streaming movies (netflix, hulu), and your hardware. You're not going to get much responsiveness on a 5yr old celeron w/2gb ram and Win XP while you're downloading a game, watching youtube and the A/V suite scans your computer in the background, and there's 5 other people all sharing your 10Mbps network. Which describes probably 50% of the users out there in the real world.

Bottega Veneta Mens Clutch

Bottega Veneta Mens Clutch

I would like to see benchmarks on page start up, and load times comparing ssd, hard drives, and ram drives. Maybe I missed these an a previous article, but I feel since ssd's and ram drives are getting more popular, benchmarks should prove or dispel the the 'so called' benefits they bring.

Bottega Veneta Mens Clutch

Bottega Veneta Mens Clutch

Bottega Veneta Mens Clutch

Bottega Veneta Mens Clutch

I've never really noticed a difference in browsers speed wise. Sure some load pages faster than others, and some have issues with certain pages. But in the end they all take me to the same place. I use Firefox 95% of the time at home with adblock+, if I encounter an issue I clear cache, if it still Guess Handbags New Collection 2017

3) FF add ons are much better than chrome extensions.

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