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6. Tear off and butter bread or rolls one bite at a time, and cut food as one eats it, not cutting all food at once.

9. Always arrive with a small token gift to every event to which one is invited.

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Knot Bag

DEAR READER: Let the children play with, wear or use the items on the day they receive the gifts, and then take the presents and put them aside that night until they write Bottega Veneta Large Hobo Black

DEAR ANN: Here we go again. I was at a women's club meeting, and the debate started about saying "Merry Christmas" versus "Happy holidays." What's your take?

DEAR READER: For starters, here are 15 items. Adults and children at the very least, regardless of age, should know to:

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Knot Bag

note is written.

8. Answer all questions with "yes, please" and "no, thank you."

DEAR READER: In a country that has freedom of speech, say whatever you like!

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Knot Bag

their thank you notes. A gift may be reclaimed after its Buy Guess Bags Online Uk

7. Develop a sense of privacy: Perform all bodily repairs and functions privately. No tooth picking or nose honking in public.

'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy holidays'

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Knot Bag

Personally, I see it as quite simple. I want to be thoughtful; I do not want to wish "Happy Kwanzaa" or "Merry Christmas" to someone who does not celebrate those holidays. If I know what holiday someone celebrates, I name the holiday in my greeting and say "Merry Christmas," "Happy Hanukkah," "Happy La Posadas," etc. But, if I do not know what holiday someone celebrates, I can wish him or her "Season's greetings" or "Happy holidays," or simply say "Have a nice day."

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Knot Bag

DEAR ANN: How can I get my kids you write thank you notes for gifts?

14. Keep mum; never repeat anything heard.

5. Address waitstaff, saying, "Please, may I have the pasta," instead of, "I'll have the pasta," and saying "Thank you" every time a waitperson brings or clears a plate, pours water or serves in any way.

This method teaches gratitude, order, responsibility and good logical consequences.

DEAR ANN: I need some basic manners for my family, as it seems that in these busy times, the holidays call upon us to have some semblance of etiquette. My boys are 9 and 12. By now, what should they know? What is the best way to teach them?

donations than ever before. How do I decide what is worthy?

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Knot Bag

DEAR ANN: This year, I am getting more solicitations for Balenciaga Pink

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Knot Bag

4. Sit quietly and listen when at a performance event, when of Bottega Veneta Olimpia Knot Bag age to attend an event where quiet is required.

11. Chew food with your mouth closed.

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Knot Bag

10. Respect one's host; avoid the discussion of religion and politics at purely social occasions, saving such commentary for another time and place, when such chat is encouraged.

The best way to teach them? That's easy! Set an example, practice these items as a parent and use them as a standard for the family at every level. Manners are simply about common sense, kindness and grace treating others as one would want to be treated.

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Knot Bag

DEAR ANN: With so many in need, I want to give holiday money to charities instead of to my nieces and nephews as gifts. How do I go about telling them of my plan?

Saying "Happy holidays" is nothing new. It was made popular in 1942 when Bing Crosby sang "Happy Holiday," written by Irving Berlin. Many use the phrase to cover the plethora of holidays from Thanksgiving to Twelfth Night. Season's greetings is another popular expression seen on greeting cards since they began, as evidenced by my collection of old cards from the 1800s.

2. Respect a closed door. Knock do not jiggle the handle in an attempt to gain entrance.

Once a note is written and addressed by the child, take him or her to the post office and let each one buy his or her own stamp with allowance funds and mail the letter. Return home and permit the gift to be used again.

1. Stand when someone enters a room and greet the arrival. Engage in polite conversation.

13. Never ask what price someone paid for something.


In the end, since no wish or greeting is expected, one is free to say nothing or say whatever one wishes to say.

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Knot Bag

12. Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing.

Bottega Veneta Olimpia Knot Bag

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