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But even as they were apprehending him, Davis said the suspect tried to resist. "After a brief altercation," officers subdued the suspect, handcuffed him and took him into custody, Davis said.

Bottega Veneta Red Bag

Hatje later complained that he had sustained an injury in the incident, and he was taken to Middlesex Hospital for observation.

Events then suddenly began to move and move quickly, the sergeant said.

Bottega Veneta Red Bag

Bottega Veneta Red Bag

Initially, the suspect ran toward the officer who was located at the rear of Bottega Veneta Red Bag the house. But then, Davis Balenciaga Town Bag Grey


Even as officers were establishing a perimeter, Davis said the front door of the house suddenly opened and closed Balenciaga Handbags Uk Sale

Bottega Veneta Red Bag

´╗┐Middletown police interrupt burglary

Within seconds, a suspect leapt from a second story window.

Bottega Veneta Red Bag

The suspect was identified as Scott Hatje, 22, of 75 Waterview Drive, Wethersfield.

A patrol sergeant arrived on scene, as the department's K 9 unit sped to the scene as well, Davis said.

they made their way through the two feet of snow left over from Wednesday's storm, officers repeatedly ordered the suspect to stop, commands the suspect ignored.

One of the officers involved in the chase was also taken to the hospital for injuries sustained in the chase, Davis said. The officer was treated and released.

The red Buick was revealed to belong to Hatje "and was secured as evidence," Davis said.

MIDDLETOWN Police interrupted a daylight burglary Friday and then had to chase the suspect through the deep snow before collaring him. Even then, police said, the suspect tried to fight his way free of officers.

As Balenciaga Nano Edge

In the rear yard of a Military Road house, officers finally caught up to the suspect.

A search of Hatje uncovered several pieces of jewelry Davis said had been taken from the residence. In addition, Davis said officers also recovered four packets of heroin.

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said, the suspect veered off and headed away in a northwesterly direction, with officers in pursuit.

Bottega Veneta Red Bag

He was ordered held in lieu of $50,000 bond.

Under questioning, Hatje told police he is a heroin addict, Davis said.

Sgt. after a concerned neighbor reported a suspicious male had walked around to the rear of the house.

As they made their way around to the rear of the house, officers noticed "fresh footprints in the snow," Davis said. The footprints led to a broken first floor window, he added.

Bottega Veneta Red Bag

Bottega Veneta Red Bag

Bottega Veneta Red Bag

Hatje was charged with third degree burglary, fourth degree larceny, interfering with a police officer, assaulting a police officer, possession of heroin, and possession of heroin within 1,500 feet of the school.

Bottega Veneta Red Bag

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