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Bottega Veneta Wallet

Bottega Veneta Wallet

Body parts belonging to 21 year old Omar Laparra were found floating in plastic bags along the Biscayne Bay in 2009, according to Miami Sgt. Confesor Gonzalez.

There were reports that police in Gatineau, Que., were looking into links between Magnotta and a murder on their territory.

Laparra on a Miami street corner "and that was the last time anyone saw him," Gonzalez said.

Bottega Veneta Wallet

Gonzalez said he will "absolutely" call Montreal police to discuss the case.

Bottega Veneta Wallet

Bottega Veneta Wallet

Bottega Veneta Wallet

Police haven't yet established a timeline of Magnotta's whereabouts, a difficult task as the suspected killer travelled under different names, Lafreniere said.

Gonzalez wouldn't give too many details about the case but said that Laparra's arms and legs were removed after he was killed, which is similar to the way Jun Lin, 33, was murdered and dismembered at the end of May.

Lin's remains were found on May 29, stuffed in a suitcase behind a Montreal apartment building. Magnotta is suspected to have mailed parts of Lin's body to Canadian political parties and two schools in British Columbia.

Bottega Veneta Wallet

Bottega Veneta Wallet

However, Gonzalez said that aside from the dismemberment aspect of the two files, there isn't much else similar.

Lafreniere said the Montreal police have received close to 500 tips from around the world regarding the Magnotta case. He said Interpol, which placed Bottega Veneta Continental Zip Wallet

Miami police said they will investigative possible links between suspected killer Luka Magnotta and a three year old cold case of a murdered and dismembered young man.

only made aware of the possible links between Laparra's murder and suspected killer Magnotta when a Montreal journalist called him.

"The journalist mentioned that Magnotta may have travelled to Miami," he said. "But so far there is nothing that indicates these two murders are linked."

the man on its international wanted list, received 2,000 tips.

Bottega Veneta Wallet

Gonzalez said the Miami angle has been "over represented in the media" and Bottega Veneta Wallet "it's a long shot" that it's connected to the Lin murder.

Gonzalez said Laparra's murder was likely random. Moreover, he said that there "was no indication the deceased was gay."

Magnotta and Lin knew each other, according to Montreal police. A source told QMI the men were lovers and Magnotta became upset because Lin ended the relationship and was seeing another man.

German police arrested Magnotta, 29, in Berlin, Germany, on June 4. Montreal police charged him with Lin's murder.

Gonzalez said Laparra was living in Miami with his brothers. He went to a restaurant the night he went missing and drank heavily with friends, including one of his brothers, said Gonzalez.

´╗┐Miami cops investigate Magnotta in cold case

Gonzalez told QMI Agency on Saturday that he was Balenciaga Bag Blue Price

There have been several other reports of Magnotta sightings and other crimes linked to the suspected killer as the case has garnered international media attention.

Bottega Veneta Wallet

Bottega Veneta Wallet

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