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might not have any symptoms, but at a certain point the burden is too much and that can cause a memory disorder. why those individuals are having strokes can help prevent further memory loss, she said.

it seems like his head was the main target all the time, Judy Pape said. I just said let just see if there was anything there. are many causes of memory loss, some more dire than others.

the human computer, she said, at least when it comes to names, dates and locations. course, at 65, I starting to forget a few things myself. there depression over her husband situation, she said, just satisfaction that they now have some answers.

Cheap Guess Handbags Uk

But having memory difficulties is that rare. make memories, you have to be awake, alert and be able to fully attend to get the information and then encode the memory and then retrieve it, she said, making sleep deprivation another potential cause of memory loss.

do have problems with names now, like I never have before, he said. I might ask the wife if we going somewhere: 'we are going to the post office? or 'we are going to the store? So I double check myself and all of that. something that he acknowledges is to get used to. the little things that seem to get your goat like putting Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nappa French Flap Wallet

should go ahead and seek the advice of a physician so the testing can be done to make sure there not anything else going on, she said. the stress or anxiety of worrying about whether they have something bad, like an early onset dementia, can just exacerbate things.

Abilene neurologist Sharisse Stephenson said that in the elderly population, or Alzheimer dementia is by far the most common cause of memory loss. usually a slow progression, she said, one that can start with minor issues such as forgetting where one put one keys and then progressing to more serious loss of memory and function.

Luckily enough, tests show any bad results on the CT scan, he said, with no sign of tumors, strokes or shrinkage.

Kidney and liver dysfunction, as well as certain infections, also can make someone seem confused, Landfield said.

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don try to let things progress, she said. try to get it at the earliest stage. she said that so far, things are into the stage where it worrisome and she said she doesn mind helping her husband out when he needs it.

can be 40 years old or 30 years old and worried that they have dementia, she said, though it rare to get dementia when one is young, Stephenson said.

Cheap Guess Handbags Uk

Cheap Guess Handbags Uk

But Stephenson said she sees lot of patients who are younger, busy and working who come in with memory complaints.

that affects your concentration and really has you not focusing on the present can affect how different memories are encrypted in your brain, said Abilene neurologist Alexander Landfield. if someone is giving you information and you not really focused on the present and listening and engaged in your everyday life, then you going to forget it. said that he is always reluctant to diagnose a neurodegenerative disorder, such as Alzheimer disease, in someone who is having issues with depression and stress until those vectors are measured and evaluated.

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wanted to make sure it wasn Alzheimer showing up, Michael Pape said.

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Side effects from medications, too, can at times contribute to a sense of loss of memory, something that both neurologists mentioned, and Stephenson and Landfield said they regularly do blood work to determine whether ills such as a thyroid dysfunction, a vitamin B 12 deficiency or some other, underlying medical issue is contributing to the symptoms.

something somewhere and then putting it so good you can find it, he said. find it later, when you not even looking for it. the situation is something, he said, that it hard on (your) mate. the medication and close care Cheap Guess Handbags Uk by his physician, as well as regular support Bottega Veneta Nappa Shoulder Bag

from his spouse, have helped, he said, and Pape, whose good humor seems generally undimmed by his situation, jokes that at least he can find my way home. an early diagnosis and treatment was important to the Papes, Judy Pape said.

´╗┐Memory loss can have varied reasons

just thought it would be good to know where we are, Judy Pape said. if there something he can take to help that and keep himself sharp for a long time, then it worth it. Causes

who are worried about memory loss, Stephenson said, should see a doctor, even if their symptoms are fairly minor.

kind of ties in with a lot of things like athletics, falling out of cars, you know head injuries, said Pape, 69. don know what all happened through the years the construction trade, getting hit in the head, that sort of thing. even with those events in his past, until recently Pape had an excellent memory.

Cheap Guess Handbags Uk

Cheap Guess Handbags Uk

Now on a prescription medication to help with his memory, he still has problems from time to time, he said.

do like to see those patients early because the medications can slow their progression, she said.

Neuroimaging, such as with an MRI, is a common technique to examine the brain to make sure there no evidence of a problem such as a stroke, essentially a stroke with no outward symptoms, Stephenson said.

There are a variety of things that can cause memory loss, from the relatively benign such as a change in medication to the often unexpected, such as depression or stress.

Cheap Guess Handbags Uk

Cheap Guess Handbags Uk

could remember anything, he said. could read a book and remember it from back to front. about a year ago, Pape said, he started struggling with basic memory issues, problems that manifested with sufficient frequency that they caught the attention of his wife, Judy.

For those older than 65 with a clinical history consistent with dementia, medications are available that can slow the progression of memory loss, Stephenson said.

especially when someone first develops these types of problems, you really have to cast a wide net and consider a variety of conditions before jumping to conclusions, he said.

Cheap Guess Handbags Uk

Cheap Guess Handbags Uk

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