Guess Floral Tote Bag

Guess Floral Tote Bag

Guess Floral Tote Bag

"The investment team's business expertise has already helped us to secure critical hires, significant license deals and kick start product development.".

The company has secured funding from a series of private and professional investors and second stage Enterprise Investment Scheme funding from Mercia.

Guess Floral Tote Bag

working further Guess Floral Tote Bag with VirtTrade and welcomes the company to our portfolio Guess Kamryn Mini Tote

The investment package will also be used to strengthen its team of designers, developers and marketers.

"Its ability to take an already profitable traditional model to new heights in the digital world demonstrates a highly scalable concept that has the capacity to appeal to consumers of all ages.

"Working with Mercia Fund Management will enable us to take our technology to new partners and grow our business further.

´╗┐Mercia Fund Management agrees funding for VirtTrade

Guess Floral Tote Bag

VirtTrade delivers Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold Mini City Bag

Guess Floral Tote Bag

The Kent company's trading engine has been in development for a number of years and the company claims it is unique in the way it allows users to complete trades on a global scale and in real time.

Mike Hayes, head of Henley based Mercia Fund Management's digital division, said: "VirtTrade's USP makes it a significant and exciting addition to our digital portfolio.

It will be used to develop the company's core technology and license the commercial content needed to enhance the product within the next 12 months.

Guess Floral Tote Bag

"The digital division at Mercia Fund Management is looking forward to Balenciaga Silver Bag

the mechanics of physical card and sticker collecting and trading but via digital technology to make the experience more interactive and engaging.

Guess Floral Tote Bag

Guess Floral Tote Bag

of innovative companies."

Guess Floral Tote Bag

Warwickshire investment stream Mercia Fund Management has backed a digital trading card developer with 280,000 in funding.

VirtTrade chief executive John Howard added: "The sticker and trading card market is extremely well established but the current model was not designed for today's users.

Guess Floral Tote Bag

Guess Floral Tote Bag

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