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Having increased talent and skill level over recent years has helped. BYU just produced the No. 5 NFL draft pick with Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah, and Kyle Van Noy at linebacker Guess Kamryn Shopper Bag appears primed to have a memorable senior year.

Guess Kamryn Shopper Bag

The old guys can bust the chops of the younger ones, the player says. Or vice versa.

Guess Kamryn Shopper Bag

Guess Kamryn Shopper Bag

They have helped to build one of the great defenses in the country, and school history. They've been invaluable tools for Mendenhall to lean upon, helping him to balance personal and professional life; plus all of the duties that come with both.

There's Tidwell (who once upon a time coached Mendenhall at the junior college level) and defensive line coach Steve Kaufusi, the Yoda of sorts in the group the wise, quiet presence who's been around multiple Cougar head coaches. He gets a lot of credit from inside and outside the program about Ansah's development.

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BYU held its own media day last month, a common theme being besides the naturally high levels of optimism that take place on every football playing campus this time of year the laid back nature of Bronco Mendenhall.

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"If everybody's not on the same page, players know it," Holliday said. "They've got a like mindset."

"I think it makes us work harder, stay younger," Tidwell said, smiling at what the young pups bring to the meeting rooms.

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Poppinga says that came into place the first game after Mendenhall made a rare move for him, the program and the sport in general by firing his defensive coordinator (Jaime Hill) in early October of 2010.

But there's also the "new generation." Nick Howell looks a little like Mendenhall, has Pink Guess Bag Ebay

Cracking jokes about his staff members. Laughing with the makeup crew before the BYUtv cameras were turned back on. Basically, being everything in a relatively public environment that we hear about the ninth year head coach behind the scenes.

And the blend he has working with him, not just on scholarship, is a fiery one.

Howell says "you don't meet better people than coach Tidwell or coach Kaufusi. That's what they feel about working long hours with each other.

Poppinga still laughs at opening his mouth, trying to remind Mendenhall during pre game drills that they did something a certain way.

Howell has four kids and Poppinga has two girls. Tidwell and Kaufusi are on the back end Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Continental Long Flap Wallet

Mendenhall returned himself to the role that first brought him to Provo in 2003, where he spent a couple of years before the promotion to head coach.

that he loves," said linebackers coach Paul Tidwell.

True, it's all saying a lot about Mendenhall. He continues to grow into his role as all things Cougar CEO of a business of sorts, father at home and from his office, high profile figure of two faiths (Mormonism and football independence).

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Guess Kamryn Shopper Bag

It is about common goals. It is about Kaufusi calling himself and Tidwell "big papas" and giving the youngsters room to express themselves and grow.

But Mendenhall enjoying his work like he'd relish finding a place for his surfboard or motorcycle also says a lot about those around him, namely his defensive assistants.

When Mendenhall has other obligations, Howell usually runs the meeting room. Despite the two decade age difference, there's plenty to relate about.

He says the revamped offensive staff has it now, but he says it's easy to admire it on the defensive side.

of daily fatherhood (if there's ever actually a day off) and there's a bond in the joys and hassles the two younger coaches endure. Days of being up all night with a sick kid; getting no sleep. Tidwell laughs at his colleagues, sympathizes. Been there, didn't sleep through that.

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some of his mannerisms and an insatiable appetite for preparation. Kelly Poppinga used to play under Mendenhall. The two young up and comers were graduate assistants together, though they're comfortable saying it's been a smooth transition since 2010 into full time assistant roles because coaches like Kaufusi and Tidwell made it one.

New assistant coach, wide receivers boss Guy Holliday, calls it a "oneness."

Their schemes are built on aggressiveness, a 3 4 package that accentuates the Cougars' steady stream of talented and obedient linebackers.

´╗┐Mendenhall at increased comfort level with job

Ask players about what meetings are like, sly smiles erupt. Bronson Kaufusi (Steve's son) is careful in description, but in a good way.

But go back to Mendenhall's roots, and it's about coaching. Remember, he built his career at places like Oregon State, Louisiana Tech and New Mexico. Not exactly ones clamoring with all American talent every fall. So, to him, it still comes down to coaching. Preparation. Film work. Team work. Effort.

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"He's got a coaching staff Bottega Veneta Hard Briefcase

But the daily exercises and Saturday game plans are also built on senses of humor and respect. Poppinga says sometimes the younger guys are "probably a little too eager" to speak up. Sometimes ideas are shot down, but he credits Mendenhall's constant willingness to listen, even if he goes another path in the end.

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